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Whether you're a professional or at-home manicurist,  we carry an extensive range of high-quality instruments for both manicures and pedicures.
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Precision instruments for surgery and handling of animals, including a complete line of surgical knives, scalpels, scissors, and other fine products.
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At Merit Surgical, we stand as a reliable source for premium instrument supplies tailored to professionals. Our focus spans across a range of domains, including Dental Instruments, Podiatry Instruments, and Veterinary Surgical tools. Discover an array of essential items like Orthodontic Pliers, Extraction Forceps, Dentist Tools, Hemostat Forceps, Needle Holders, Speculum, Nail Nippers, Foot Care Podiatrist Tools, and Orthopedic Instruments. Our commitment to affordable pricing further simplifies your choices. Count on Merit Surgical to be your unwavering accomplice in fulfilling your everyday supply requirements.

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A large collection of surgical tools with great customer service.


They were amazing! My products came in fast and efficiently without hassle. Also, the instruments I received were perfect, neither my team nor I have had any issues. I would buy it again and recommend it.

Samuel S.

I bought a lot of equipment from Merit Surgical and was really happy with it all. The peristomes are amazing for extractions, real game-changers. The reps have been incredibly helpful and quick with their responses.

Why Choose Merit Surgical?

At Merit, we provide all your surgical and dental instrument needs with just one click. Our Goal is t provide quality products at the best price for national and international customers. 

North American customers can buy medical supplies via our secure checkout and select international customers and contact us to arrange payment and shipping.

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Merit Surgical is dedicated to providing quality and safe medical instruments.


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