Signature Series® Cassette containing instrumentation for Ortho ArchWire Adjustment procedures.

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Features a compilation of clinicians’ most popular procedural set-ups. When you order a Collection, you receive high quality instruments and cassettes together in procedural set-ups at a reduced price.

Ortho ArchWire Adjustment Standard Set-Up Includes:

Double Decker 20 Instrument Orthodontic Cassette, Green

Mirror Handle

5 Front Surface Mouth Mirror, 3 pack

Ligature Director/Scaler, #6 Satin Steel Handle

Universal Cut and Hold Distal End Cutter

15 Hard Wire Cutter

Micro-Mini Pin and Ligature Cutter

Weingart Pliers

Direct Bond and Bracket Holder

Light Wire Bird Beak Pliers

Three Jaw Pliers

Mathieu Pliers