Infinity Series Cassette contains popular Cement (Crown Seat) set-up instruments.

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The Infinity Series Collection features a compilation of clinicians’ most popular procedural set-ups. When you order a Collection, you receive high quality instruments and IMS cassettes together in procedural set-ups at a significantly reduced price while creating a professional, efficient working environment. Not available in all markets, please contact your for details.
Large Infinity Series 10 Instrument Cassette,
Red Satin Steel Mirror Handle
#5 Front Surface Mouth Mirror, 3 pack
#5 Explorer, Satin Steel Handle
#8 Wiland Carver, Satin Steel Handle
#24 Spatula, Satin Steel Handle
Miller Articulating Paper Forceps
CW Aspirating Anesthetic Syringe
#2 College Dressing Pliers
Bur Cusion Short Lid, Holds 6
A/W Syringe Tip Clip