Dental Tunneling Set of 10

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The surgery fixes issues caused by thinned or receding gums when carried out by a skilled periodontist. In essence, gingival (soft tissue) grafting material can be threaded via microscopic “tunnels” formed in the gums attributable to tunneling.

Set includes :

1 Minnesota

2 Dental Probe

3 Push Scalpel Holder 

4 Golden Fox Scissors (Straight)

5 Orban Periodontic Knife 

6 Dr Allen Intrasulcular Knife

7 Universal Curette Younger Good W7/8

8 Tissue Pliers Curved (Gerald 1×2 Teeth) 15 cm 

9 Castroviejo Needle Holder 

10 Surgical Curette C/M 2/4 Molt Double End